Age Pension

Daunting, stressful, time consuming, frustrating, worried I'm going to miss something or get it wrong...…

These have all been to used to describe the process in applying for the Age Pension with Centrelink.

Our service can help take away the stress in applying for your Age Pension. We offer a personal, one-on-one service and can assist with every aspect of the application process from start to finish.

Our Centrelink nominee service allows us to manage all steps on your behalf. We deal with Centrelink so you don't have too.  


Our service includes:

  • Once confirming your eligibility , we will the calculate the payment amounts that you maybe entitled to (subject to Centrelink approval)
  • Explain how the assets and income test work and how these dictate the payment you will receive
  • Explain the process and the expected time frames
  • Complete all the applications required with you, either in paper form or online
  • Advise you of the supporting documents required for your application
  • Explain the benefits of the Pension Concession Card such as discounts on pharmaceuticals, council rate concessions and free car registration
  • If not eligible for the age pension, we will assess you for the Commonwealth Seniors Healthcare Card
  • We will liaise with you for any requests from Centrelink during the application period and going forward
  • For asset and income updates or any other updates, email or call us the details and utilising the nominee service we will advise Centrelink on your behalf

We will do everything to ensure you receive the benefit you are entitled to so you can get on with what's important....your retirement !!!